Social Photo Share

Social Photo Share

As part of PIGsolvents’ sponsorship, we offer a social media connected program: Social Photo Share.  The program operates as a virtual photo booth, creating branded photos as social content to share on social media accounts including the supporter, sponsor, event and PIGsolvents social media.

Social Content Generation…

Support Photo

Claw 21 Social Photo Share Barracks Bar Los Angeles Nov 24-28 - 13371

Before the event the SUPPORT Photos focus attention via social sharing to increase event awareness and participation, while also highlighting event sponsors. 

Staff and supporters send a photo to the “Event Support” email address and receive a customized photo framed with the event logo, sponsor logo and ‘Join me at ____’ or similar message.   The photo can be shared on the Event and/or Sponsor’s social media, and can also be shared by the supporter on their own social media with a model message making it easy to tweet.

Souvenir Photo

At the event, attendees can create a “Souvenir Photo” commemorative frame with the event logo and date by sending a photo to the event’s Souvenir Email address.

The souvenir photo will be shared on the ‘event wall’ similar to those for formal events on a cruise or after a thrill ride at an amusement park.

Engagement Ideas:

  • Ask staff members and volunteers to generate Support Photos to start the process.  Have them include the  ‘Support Email address’ in the social post, so others can join.
  • When tickets are sold, include the Support Photo email address and encourage participants to spread the word through social shares.
  • A raffle can also be used to encourage participation.

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